Monday, March 24, 2008

Battlestar Galatica

The last season starts April 4th! I can't wait!!!

Bad Friday, Good Easter

Well, I am finally done with my two class quarter where Steve commented that I was not nearly as nuts as before when taking two classes at once (he's so charming isn't he?). I finished last Wednesday, went to a conference on Thursday (easy work day in my opinion) and then off on Good Friday. Of course, it snowed 10 inches in my town!!!! Argh.... Gretchen and I baked a cake and played in the snow so it wasn't all bad. I have reached my limit this year on snowfall. I really, really cannot take it anymore. The bright side is that for the first time in 11 weeks, I didn't have to do school work Fri, Sat and Sun! I discovered that there really is nothing on TV those days but that's okay. It'll do.... One more class this spring and I graduate June 14th. Joy!