Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Mindless Post about Jon and Kate Plus 8

So I am a fan of Jon and Kate plus 8. I started watching it before I had the twins mainly because the kids are a little older than Gretchen. I have found the show reassuring on developmental and behavioral issues with her - it's like a reality check: oh 2 year olds just don't eat sometimes, or preschoolers just cry over everything. While I was pregnant with the boys, I was even more interested since they had multiples and I have found great comfort in knowing that "it can be done" without the marriage falling apart or the kids being neglected. Needless to say but I will say it anyway, boy am I disappointed now. They have some real problems now that I am not sure I want to see. On the 0ther hand, I believe you should always try to work out your marriage problems no matter how grave so I am rooting for them to make it. I don't need to see that on TV but I do want to know that they are trying to fix it. I have been reading a lot of internet stuff about them and many people are saying we should just not watch the show. In my heart I know this is probably the best thing for the family, I just love those kids. Maybe they should stop doing the show but do a few specials every year so we can still see all 8 of them. TLC... You listening?