Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm marrying Frankenstein

As I have stated before, as a mother, I am very conflicted about Halloween costumes.  I know I'm likely too conservative in this area of my life but I'm trying to keep my daughter "off the pole" as Chris Rock put it so succinctly....  After seeing this little bit of fun, I know who is buying these terrible costumes for their daughters.

This year I breathed a huge sigh of relief when Gretchen told me she wanted to be the Bride of Frankenstein.  While it's a touch morbid for a six year old, it's not a princess and it's not slutty so I'm all in.  The best part though is she never calls it the Bride of Frankenstein.  She says Frankenstein's bride or I'm marrying Frankenstein, etc... she never quite gets it right.  As long as the costume doesn't have clear heels, she can call it what she wants. 

On Turning 40

Louie cracks me up....