Friday, June 19, 2009

Different Fairy Tale Ending

I kinda loathe the fairy tale princess/damsel in distress since the stories are sad usually (mother and/or father are dead or sick or stupid). I try to keep it to myself though because Gretchen seems to like these stories. I try not to push the Disney version on her (in fact I shy away from it) and would rather she hear the Brothers Grimm version since it seems more gritty. Anyhow, this post shows what could have happened to our lovely princesses and it cracks me up!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Some months ago I posted about learning Photoshop (though it's not technically the Adobe product). I have gotten better with it. I made Gretchen's birthday invitation with it. I also re-did her blog and put up a new banner. I'm going to re-do my blog and the boys' blog too with new banners. I still haven't learned everything I want to but what's important is that I have goals. I've been keeping a personal goal list on my computer for a while and though I haven't updated it in awhile, it reminds me that I want to do more than just work and parent (two worthy activities of course!). Though I won't share everything on my list (too embarrassing!), a few things that I am still thinking about: learning to sew (my mother made clothes for me and I want to do that for my kids), learn to play an instrument (I wanted it to be guitar but maybe piano is more my speed), learn more web 2.0 stuff (I am kind of learning xml to alter my blogs - it would be cool to make my own app for anything!), and of course, lose weight (never leaves the list just moves around it). I have accepted that until the kids are older, it will difficult to spend a lot of doing any of these things but hey, I never thought I would have a vegetable garden but I did accomplish that! (Steve took it over but I am okay with that - he is way better at it than I am).