Monday, June 28, 2010

Water Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

I have been extremely busy but I'm finally getting back to doing the stuff I love to do - like post on my blog! Since most of my activities revolve around my kids (and those blogs are updated), this update should be short. Only a few real things going on with me personally. First major update: I joined Weight Watchers. I'm getting old and baby weight has ceased to be an excuse for over a year now. My goal is to get to my goal weight (which is a 90 to 100lb loss) by my 40th birthday in 2011. I think it's reasonable but I am not going to fall apart if I don't make it. I can be extremely focused when I want something and I'm finally getting that focus back after the haze of having twins has burned off. So far, I've lost 16 pounds in about 5 weeks so I'm happy. Steve is also trying to get in better shape and is making a huge effort to eat healthy. His support is helping me so much since it's so much easier if everyone in the house is making the effort to eat vegetables and fruits. Second major update: hmm... there has to be something... I guess not. Oh, we're having a summer party in August. Details coming soon!

In other news, we lost power on Father's Day weekend due to bad storms in the area. Power loss isn't that big of a deal except we're on a well so no power means no water. It was out for three days but it felt like forever. I never felt so spoiled as when the power finally went back on. We bought a generator to run the refrigerator and TV. We boiled water to wash dishes (we got water from the guy across the street since the folks across the street did have power... don't ask...). It felt like camping for us so after a week of having power again, we decided to book our camping vacation for the summer. (Though Gretchen and I have already camped in the backyard this summer).

As always, lots of pictures on Flickr... I'll try to post more though if you follow me on twitter, I update that more frequently.