Friday, March 27, 2009

Bizarro Dreams

I haven't had a ton of time lately to blog... I barely do twitter compared to all the folks I'm following. Heck, I don't even update Facebook every day like I used to.... Excuses, excuses... A lot of that has to do with Sean being in the hospital and the car accident... Like on Lost when Ben pushed the frozen donkey wheel, I feel like that whole ordeal pushed me out of my groove and has me skipping through time instead. So, I thought I would post something today because my dreams have been so weird lately. Most of them I cannot remember for very long but I wake up knowing I had a bizarre sleep experience.

Long ago work colleagues have been in my dreams. My friend Rachel just moved back here from Iowa and I had a dream that she came over to dinner before she made a long journey. ??? I don't know. Then other dreams are easier... A guy I used to work with who constantly accused me of taking his jokes too personally (when they were at my expense....) had a baby a few years ago. In my dream he is trying to suffocate one of the boys and I walk in and catch him. I go bananas on him and suggest we do the same to his precious one. At least with this dream, I know it's because I am worried about Evan (he seems to be behind Sean a few weeks in the respiratory virus). I think the dream represents how going to the pediatrician makes me feel dumb because all the ever tell us is give him more breathing treatments. Or they end up in the hospital like Sean and Gretchen.

I think the weird dreams have also been coming this week because Gretchen has taken to waking up at 2am and staying awake a few hours at least once a week. Last night she was up and was calling us. I dreamt that she had the flu and was throwing up everywhere... Nice, huh?

At least it's Friday! I plan on sleeping as much as our children will allow tonight. I think if I don't, my mind and my body may go on strike!

Did I mention I think I have allergies? Nose is running and eyes are watering....