Thursday, January 8, 2009

Treading Water Again

Well, I haven't posted much in a while which is no big deal since I am certain that maybe two people read this. And one of them is not my husband.... I don't even think he knows the web address to get here.... Anyway, the holidays were great. We both had two weeks off so we had a lot of time to spend with the kids and futz around the house. Having all of the kids home was a bit stressful but I am glad for it because the twins are really getting cute and interesting and Gretchen is absorbing so much so quickly that she will be a girl and not my baby if I look away for more than a few minutes.

I am not much for New Year's resolutions - I always pick something small and achievable. One year I resolved to eat breakfast and kept it more or less. One year I resolved to pray at dinner and kept that one too. And finally I resolved to recycle which I keep more or less. Of course, I only remember the ones that I kept..... So this year, with all the demands of work and kids, I resolved to pay bills on time. Isn't that pitiful? But I am just not keeping up with the mail and paper on my desk so I think that's my resolution.

Thinking about my resolution got me thinking about my hobbies and how they change over time. I consider photography, cooking, reading and television my main hobbies (I know - I have no ambition I guess). I decided I want to learn how to alter photographs and learn photoshop type stuff so I can do more with the images I have. I take a lot of pictures but it always feels like I could do more to make them right. Over the holidays I bought a scanner and Corel Photo Shop Pro (I don't actually like Adobe's interface so I went with Corel which will work with adobe files). I was getting all into learning it and then I realized the sad truth of my life right now.... I don't have time for hobbies. Steve was "fixing" his computer for almost the entire time we were off so I didn't devote that much time to my photo obsession but I think if I write about how I am going to do it/learn it/etc. that it will come true! What's the saying? "Fake it until you make it".... That's me right now! We'll see how it goes. I give myself six months to learn techniques and publish some stuff here.