Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ASUG Weekend

This past weekend I was at the ASUG annual Volunteer Meeting. ASUG is America's SAP Users Group. It's a networking and education group where SAP users from different companies across North America can network and learn about from one another. I volunteered again this year so I had to go the planning meeting they have to develop our content for the year. I met a great group of people. The team I am working with already know each other but they were very nice to me. I hope I am helpful to them in getting things done this year!

It's funny - I was telling Steve my fear of disappointing my group and he just sighed. He said I am still the A student (trying very hard) and he's still a C student even though we are no longer in high school. (though he forgot I am in school).

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Marilyn Pratt said...

Anjanette rocks as the only person in a room of 200 purportedly tech savvy folks who knew what Twitter was. Interesting to see your graduate studies cross-secting here. I also loved attaining an online degree in Distant Learning from the University of Phoenix Online. I graduated with a perfect 4.0 average and understand your drive. You go girl!