Thursday, July 26, 2007

Incubus Chicago July 25th

Incubus played the Charter One Pavilion last night - it was great. The venue was outside on the lake front by the Adler Planetarium. Very nice.

It's interesting to me how married people switch roles and become more like each other. This little jaunt to watch a concert, outside with the lake breezes inspired Steve to bring up the "let's move to Evanston" conversation. I don't know when we switched roles but Steve wants to live in the city and I want to stay in the suburbs (sort of). I can't say why Steve wants to move back to Evanston but I know why I do. I picture Gretchen walking down the sidewalk to the store, to a street fair, to an ethnic restaurant, etc. Or hopping the L to the Blues fest or Taste of Chicago. Those are the things I remember most fondly about my childhood. And while I like the Gurnee area, it can't compete with that. White bread city with minimal amount of sidewalks (thank God for Hayashi's sushi restaurant).... To move would take work (pay off debt so we can afford a house in Evanston). I would want a closer job. And I would have to undo all the work it took for me to feel like home where I'm at. But maybe it's worth it..... When the wind is blowing across you face on a beautiful summer night on the lake with one of your favorite bands playing.... Hmm.

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