Sunday, June 29, 2008

How hard is it to do nothing?

Well, the day I feared would come has come. I am 28 weeks into my pregnancy with twin boys. I was fearing that I would have pre-eclampsia like I did with Gretchen. Well, instead I have something different. This week I had a class of bleeding that turned out to be placenta previa. While I have a marginal/mild case, there is not a lot I can do but take it easy on bed rest. If the bleeding stops, I can get off the couch and go about my life but with a slower pace perhaps. The doctor thought it could also be just a broken blood vessel but either way the only thing that will move the placenta or heal the blood vessel is if I stay put on bed rest.

Anyway, it is a blessing because preterm bleeding is often a sign of labor and I have not had any signs of labor. My doctor is thrilled about this since he would like me to carry to term. I recognize it's a good thing but it will be a long eight weeks if I can't get out of bed! Those of you who already know, we thank you for your offers of help and may have to take you up on it if this bed rest persists. Other than that, keep us in your prayers. The good news is the babies are doing well and we just have to be patient (and listen to the doctor). I see the doctor on Tuesdays and then again on Saturdays until either I am off of bed rest or until I give birth. At every appointment they will monitor the babies and check if I have
contractions or any other signs of labor. I had some steriod shots this weekend in the very remote case I have to deliver before 34 weeks (the steriods help lung development of the babies). Rest assured - my doctor is pretty good and is keeping a close eye on my situation.

I promise to keep everyone up to date! I am doing well so don't worry about us! Thanks for your prayers!

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