Monday, July 21, 2008


Weekends in the hospital are boring. Steve and Gretchen came Sunday morning but once they were gone, there wasn't much to do. I read three Us magazines, two Entertainment Weeklys, One Parents magazine and an InStyle. I also watched several New Detectives, a show I banned when I was pregnant with Gretchen. I used to love this show since it's about forensic science that helps solve crimes. I am fascinated by that kind of stuff. However I watched one when I was pregnant with Gretchen that showed the actual body of a deceased baby and I could not watch it again. So I guess I was desperate for entertainment since I watched three or four episodes back to back. I am still shocked and horrified over the crimes people commit. Yikes! Of course I feel asleep watching yesterday and luckily did not have any weird dreams.....

Today is better - there are work emails to read, the TV programming is different and the Internet is all abuzz about Dark Knight (which I have no idea when I will get to see it). If all goes well, I will be discharged on Wednesday! Joy! I still have to be on bed rest but at least I will be at home where Gretchen, Steve and the cats can entertain me!

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