Thursday, July 17, 2008

I should have seen it coming

My doctor is concerned that my symptoms for placenta previa are not clearing up so as a precaution he has me at Lake Forest Hospital for bed rest. I have watched enough birth/delivery/baby shows to know that bed rest in the hospital for placenta previa is not uncommon but the cases they show are always so dire. I checked into the hospital last night and have not had a restful experience. I have been bawling like a baby most of the time I am here. I am not dealing well with confinement. I miss Steve and Gretchen so much. I know it's for the best but emotionally it is not a great comfort. The doctor is saying minimum I would be here is two weeks and six weeks max. I am not liking those numbers but what can I do. I am desperately trying to man up here and act like a 36 yr old who understands the meaning of short term but it is so easy for your mind to get the better of you when you sit by yourself in a hospital room. And did I mention how much I miss Gretchen.

Oh well, I know in the future I will look back at these weeks and laugh about what a nut job I was crying in the hospital since it was just X amount of weeks in my life.

I will post to my blog occasionally because what else do I have to do? Thank goodness for the computer or may go out of my mind!

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